Dreaming of a high-income seasonal job in Finland? Look no further. This guide unveils the world of seasonal opportunities, providing insights into the types of jobs available, their demands, and how foreigners can secure a visa sponsorship for a fulfilling experience in 2024.

Seasonal Jobs in Finland for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Understanding Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal jobs are temporary positions that thrive during specific times of the year, like summer, winter, or holidays. These opportunities span various industries, such as tourism, hospitality, agriculture, retail, and event management. For example, agriculture sees a surge in demand for fruit pickers during the summer harvest, while retail requires extra hands during holiday seasons.

Job Opportunities for Foreigners in Finland

Yes, Finland welcomes foreign talent! With a high demand for skilled and unskilled workers in sectors like engineering, healthcare, finance, I.T, and education, there are numerous opportunities. The EU Blue Card program further facilitates highly skilled workers from outside the European Union to work and live in Finland. International companies in Finland also actively hire foreigners based on qualifications and language skills.

Requirements for Finland Work Visa

For those eyeing the Finnish job market, obtaining a work permit visa is key. General requirements include a job offer from a Finnish employer, necessary qualifications for the job, proof of no suitable Finland or EU citizens available for the position, valid health insurance, sufficient financial means, a valid passport, passport-sized photos, and a clean criminal record. Specific requirements may vary, so consult the Finland embassy or consulate for detailed information.

Top 10 Seasonal Jobs in Finland for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

  1. Christmas Tree Seller:
    • Sell and distribute Christmas trees during the holiday season.
  2. Summer Camp Counselor:
    • Supervise and engage with children and teens at summer camps.
  3. Lifeguard:
    • Ensure swimmer safety at beaches and pools during summer.
  4. Berry Picker:
    • Harvest crops like blueberries and strawberries on farms.
  5. Tour Guide:
    • Lead tours of cities, landmarks, and attractions for tourists.
  6. Christmas Market Vendor:
    • Sell gifts, crafts, and food at popular Christmas markets.
  7. Ski Resort Staff:
    • Handle ski rentals, lift operations, and food service in winter.
  8. Hotel Staff:
    • Assist with housekeeping, front desk, and restaurant duties during peak travel seasons.
  9. Festival Staff:
    • Manage logistics, security, and customer service at various festivals.
  10. Christmas Caroler:
    • Perform traditional holiday songs at businesses and events.

How to Apply for Finland Seasonal Jobs

  1. Identify Job Opportunities:
    • Search for seasonal jobs through job websites, recruitment agencies, or specific company websites.
  2. Check Eligibility:
    • Review job requirements to ensure you meet the necessary qualifications and have the required experience.
  3. Prepare Application:
    • Update your resume and cover letter, highlighting relevant skills and experience.
  4. Apply for the Job:
    • Submit your application as per the employer’s instructions.
  5. Attend an Interview:
    • If shortlisted, attend an interview, either in person or via phone or video conference.
  6. Obtain a Visa:
    • Depending on your nationality, apply for a visa to work in Finland.
  7. Finalize the Job Offer:
    • Sign the contract and complete the necessary paperwork upon accepting a job offer.

Apply Now


Embark on a journey to Finland, where seasonal jobs offer not only high income but also unique experiences. Explore the Finnish job market, meet eligibility requirements, and apply for your dream seasonal job. Whether you’re selling Christmas trees or guiding tourists through the enchanting landscapes, Finland awaits your seasonal contribution. Drop a comment or reach out if you have further queries or need assistance. Good luck!


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