Housemaid Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Housekeeping, maid, or cleaner positions in Dubai are excellent options for individuals seeking employment opportunities, particularly those who may not have advanced education or extensive experience. These roles often involve caregiving, cleaning, housekeeping, and other related tasks, especially for VIP families or individuals from Europe who frequent Dubai and maintain personal residences there.

Job Details

  • Company: Various Companies Available
  • Title: House Maid Dubai Jobs
  • Employment Type: Full-time, Part-time
  • Location: Dubai

Job Requirements

  • No formal credentials required, but a high school diploma is necessary for certain positions in businesses like international schools, hotels, etc.
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English.
  • Minimum one year of experience in housekeeping.
  • Professional driver’s license for light vehicles.
  • Familiarity with pet care, basic culinary skills, and housekeeping maintenance.
  • Registration or licensing with a housekeeping service provider.

Job Obligations and Duties

  • Supervise and attend to children in the absence of parents.
  • Prepare meals and snacks for children according to parental instructions.
  • Ensure children’s basic needs are met and monitor their activities and well-being.
  • Plan and facilitate activities for children’s social and educational development.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment at home.
  • Provide care for the elderly or disabled if required.
  • Transport children to school and other activities.
  • Perform household chores and laundry tasks.
  • Maintain overall cleanliness and organization of the house.


  • Visa sponsorship for eligible candidates in the UAE.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • Opportunities to work with reputable families.
  • Supportive and friendly work environment.
  • Potential for career growth and advancement.

Salary for House Maid Jobs

Salaries for housemaids in Dubai vary based on factors like full-time or part-time employment, experience, type of employer, and job responsibilities. On average, a housekeeper in Dubai earns around AED 3,540 per month.

Housemaid Jobs Roles in Dubai

  • Live-in Housemaid
  • Nanny/Housemaid Combo
  • Elderly Caregiver
  • Cooking Specialist
  • Laundry Specialist
  • Pet Care Assistant
  • Gardening Assistant
  • Event Cleaning Staff
  • Specialized Cleaning Services

How To Apply

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Conclusion Housekeeping jobs in Dubai offer a unique blend of cultural exposure and professional experience. They provide an opportunity to contribute significantly to households in a diverse and vibrant city. Consider the fulfilling experience and cultural enrichment that come with being part of Dubai’s dynamic environment.

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