Unskilled Jobs in Sweden with Visa Sponsorship 2023 (Online Apply)

Today we are going to talk about unskilled jobs in Sweden, we will give you details about how to apply for these jobs and who is eligible to apply for unskilled jobs in Sweden. . Many people dream of getting jobs in Sweden with visa sponsorship but they don’t know the procedure how to find jobs as foreigners in Sweden. We have seen a lot of unskilled jobs in Sweden which means that many unskilled jobs are in high demand in Sweden these days. Also, some employers may offer visa sponsorship for you to work there abroad.

Unskilled Jobs in Sweden with Visa Sponsorship 2023 (Online Apply)

Job Details

  • Job Country: Sweden
  • Industry: Unskilled
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: Not High
  • Age Limit: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Salary: 9200 SEK/Month


  • Strong labor protections
  • Generous social welfare system
  • Gender equality
  • Safe and healthy work environment
  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Free Accommodation

Average Salary

The average salary of non-skilled jobs in Sweden is different for all workers who can take some non-skilled workers more salaries and reduce some. The salary also depends on employers, but the average salary of Unskilled workers in Sweden is about 9200 SEK per Month.


  1. Work permit: Non-EU citizens will generally need a work permit to work in Sweden. EU citizens do not need a work permit, but they may need to register with the Swedish Tax Agency and obtain a Swedish personal identification number.
  2. Residency permit: Non-EU citizens may also need a residency permit to live and work in Sweden. This can be obtained through the Swedish Migration Agency.
  3. Qualifications: Depending on the occupation, you may need to have specific qualifications or certifications to work in Sweden. For example, healthcare workers and teachers will need to have their qualifications recognized by the relevant Swedish authorities.
  4. Language proficiency: While Swedish is not always required, depending on the job and location, proficiency in Swedish or English may be necessary.
  5. Taxes and social security: All workers in Sweden are required to pay taxes and social security contributions, which are automatically deducted from their salary by their employer.

List of Unskilled Jobs in Sweden

Here is a List of jobs that you can do in Sweden as an unskilled worker.

  1. Cleaning and janitorial work
  2. Retail salesperson
  3. Waiter/waitress
  4. Dishwasher
  5. Cashier
  6. Kitchen Assistant
  7. Delivery driver
  8. Gardener or landscaper
  9. Construction laborer
  10. Warehouse worker
  11. Personal care assistant
  12. Security guard
  13. Farm laborer
  14. Housekeeping
  15. Recycling and waste management worker

How to Apply

Click on the link below, then get down on the official job posting website where you can see a list of unskilled jobs in Sweden. Then click the Apply button right now and apply for the job you want from the list.

Click Here to Go to the official Jobs Website

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