Housekeeper Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship in 2023

Housekeeper Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship in 2023

Housekeeper jobs are the most in demand in USA and all foreigners get the best opportunity to work and live in USA. In this article, we have posted detailed information about how to apply for housekeeper jobs in USA and who is eligible to apply for this job. Read the full article below and get complete information about Housekeeper Jobs in USA and apply today. Some employers may offer you visa sponsorship if you are suitable for the job they have posted. Also we have provided links to some job posting websites where you can find housekeeper jobs in USA.


  • Job Country: USA
  • Industry: Housekeeper / Maid Jobs
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: Not High
  • Age Limit: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Salary: 18 USD/Hour


  • Employment benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Personal benefits
  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Financial benefits

Types of Housekeeper Jobs In USA

  1. Residential Housekeeper: A residential housekeeper is responsible for cleaning and maintaining a private household, such as a family’s home or a vacation rental property. Duties may include cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces, doing laundry, organizing closets and storage areas, and occasionally cooking or running errands. Some residential housekeepers may also be responsible for caring for children or pets.
  2. Hotel Housekeeper: A hotel housekeeper is responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and public spaces in a hotel or other lodging establishment. Duties may include changing bedding, cleaning bathrooms, dusting furniture, vacuuming carpets, and restocking supplies. Hotel housekeepers may work with other staff members to ensure that guest rooms are ready for occupancy and that public spaces are clean and welcoming.
  3. Hospital Housekeeper: A hospital housekeeper is responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment in a hospital or other healthcare facility. Duties may include cleaning patient rooms, operating rooms, and other medical areas, disinfecting surfaces, handling hazardous waste, and restocking supplies. Hospital housekeepers play an important role in preventing the spread of infections and ensuring that patients and staff are safe.
  4. Office or Corporate Housekeeper: An office or corporate housekeeper is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the facilities of an office or corporate headquarters. Duties may include cleaning common areas, restocking supplies, taking care of the kitchen and break rooms, and handling other tasks that help maintain a professional and efficient workspace.

Average Salary

  1. Residential Housekeeper: The hourly wage for residential housekeepers in the USA was $13.94, with the lowest 10 percent earning less than $9.70 per hour and the highest 10 percent earning more than $21.68 per hour.
  2. Hotel Housekeeper: The median hourly wage for hotel housekeepers in the USA was $12.79, according to the BLS. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $9.43 per hour, while the highest 10 percent earned more than $16.58 per hour.
  3. Hospital Housekeeper: The BLS does not provide specific salary data for hospital housekeepers, but the median hourly wage for all janitors and cleaners was $13.53.
  4. Office or Corporate Housekeeper: Again, the BLS does not provide specific salary data for office or corporate housekeepers, but the median hourly wage for all janitors and cleaners was $13.53.

Requirements for Apply

  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent: Many housekeeping jobs require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  2. Prior Experience: Some housekeeping jobs may require prior experience in a similar role. Experience in housekeeping, janitorial, or cleaning positions can be helpful.
  3. Physical Fitness: Housekeeping jobs often require physical activity, such as standing for long periods, bending, lifting, and carrying heavy objects. Applicants should be physically fit and able to perform these tasks.
  4. Attention to Detail: Housekeeping jobs require a strong attention to detail, as they involve cleaning and organizing spaces to a high standard.
  5. Communication Skills: Good communication skills can be important for housekeeping jobs, as they may require interacting with clients, guests, or other staff members.
  6. Legal Work Authorization: Applicants must have legal authorization to work in the USA, which may require having a valid work visa or citizenship.
  7. Background Check: Many employers will conduct a background check on potential hires, which may include criminal history and reference checks.

How to Apply

  1. Research job openings: Look for housekeeping job openings that match your skills and experience. You can search for job openings on online job boards, company websites, or by reaching out to staffing agencies.
  2. Prepare your application materials: This may include a resume, cover letter, and any relevant certificates or references. Make sure to highlight your relevant experience, skills, and education.
  3. Apply for the job: Follow the application instructions provided by the employer. This may involve filling out an online application form, emailing your application materials, or submitting them in person.
  4. Follow up: If you do not hear back from the employer after a week or two, consider following up with a polite email or phone call to express your continued interest in the position.
  5. Prepare for the interview: If you are invited for an interview, make sure to prepare by researching the employer, practicing interview questions, and dressing appropriately.
  6. Attend the interview: Be on time for the interview, bring copies of your resume and any other relevant documents, and be prepared to answer questions about your experience, skills, and qualifications.
  7. Wait for a job offer: If the employer decides to hire you, they will typically extend a job offer that includes information about the salary, benefits, and other details of the position.

Job portal website where you can find Housekeeper Jobs In USA

  1. Indeed ( Indeed is one of the largest job search engines and has a wide variety of housekeeper job openings across the USA.
  2. Monster ( Monster is another popular job search website that features housekeeper job openings across the USA.
  3. Glassdoor ( Glassdoor is a website that features job listings, company reviews, and salary information for housekeeping jobs in the USA.
  4. CareerBuilder ( CareerBuilder is a website that features a wide variety of job postings, including housekeeper jobs across the USA.
  5. SimplyHired ( SimplyHired is a job search engine that lists housekeeper jobs across the USA, with options to filter by location, job type, and experience level.
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